“Life’s Like That” - 3 One Act Plays

Babysitting Calvin - a comedy by John H Newmeir

Calvin has a secret. Being under one year old and not yet able to talk, he knows he has been re-incarnated and can remember his former life. So, when the babysitter and her friend arrives, he is horrified to discover that they are his wife and lecherous friend from his previous life!
Calvin decides that this is a relationship that cannot be allowed to flourish!!

This very funny play has plenty of knock-about action as Calvin attempts to sabotage his friend's lecherous plans.

Pity About Kitty - a drama by Jimmie Chinn

Kitty is a nurse working in a busy hospital department. When something goes tragically wrong, leading to the death of a patient, Kitty is called upon to give evidence at a tribunal to help her friend Betty. However, all is not as it seems and Kitty soon finds that she is defending herself, rather than her friend.

This is a tragi-comic and poignant play which explores the nature of friendship, trust and betrayal.

The Extraordinary Revelations of Orca the Goldfish - a comedy by David Tristram

Alice and Henry have been married for many years, and it shows, as their conversations appear to consist mainly of arguments! Like Orca, their goldfish, they both feel trapped; endlessly circling their own little world.
But, in their fantasies, the relationships they have are very, very different!!

This superbly comic play explores the minutiae of married life and takes us into the fantasy world that most, if not all of us, retreat to from time to time.

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